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Raj Nursery Garden started in the year 2003 with minimum plants. Now we have increased to the maximum verities of Plants, Fish, Aaquarium and Accessories.
Having accomplished whatever he dreamt  for himself and for his family, V. Jeyaraj has taken upon himself to serve the cause of humanity. His foray into retail business started in the year 1986 with stationery, Xerox and typewriting in the name and style of “Raj Enterprises” at Anna Nagar, Chennai.  Due to his mettle as a businessman through his vision, smart work, innovative planning and meticulous execution, he could open the branches at Thirumangalam and Anna Nagar West. Extn., His business was specialized with Engineering drawing, fine art materials, stationery and computer accessories. His shops were recognized by most of the Engineering and Fine art Colleges in the City. He has been awarded Business Magnate of the year twice. He was very particular that his business activities should be diversified with other field. Since he has a passion for nature, he wanted to spend more time understanding flowering plants and started “Raj Nursery Garden” in 2003 at Ayappakkam, Ambattur. He started to focus on Orchid Flower Plants. But due to lack of knowledge about Orchid, he could not succeed. Now with the help of some experts he is trying to bring back Orchid Flower Plants


  • Ideal hybrid for the purpose of commercial coconut farming
  • First flowering starts anywhere between 24-30 months of planting.This makes it early yielder.
  • When harvested for tender coconuts, it produces 250-350 nuts per year. We have farmers who have reported more than 400 nuts per year
  • If not for tender coconut, it can yield up to 250-300 nuts per year per tree.
  • Tender coconut contains 500 -750ml of coconut water.
  • Copra content will be around 16 -18 kgs for 100 nuts.


Queen of the night looks like the lotus flower was created by Lord Brahma. The name BRAHMA KAMAL translated as the “LOTUS OF LORD BRAHMA”. It is believed to bring good luck and prosperity if it blooms in a home. Brahma Kamal will bloom at night once in a year and the same night lord Brahma will be adored with this flower.





Hybrid Coconut Tree

Flower & Fruit Plants

Coloured Fished, Fish Tank, Tank Accessories

Love Birds, Gauges & Food

Thulasi madam

Star Fruit


Dragon Fruit

Pistachio (Pista)

Stevia leaf

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